Once I made the decision to be open about my illness and about my lived experiences, I had a really hard think about what I feel is the most important message to get across and what I would of liked to be different for me.


One thing stood out – the ability to talk without judgement and the knowledge its okay to talk about mental illness. Now this may sound trivial but think of it this way. To discuss your fears, your darkest thoughts and convey your question your reducing that feeling of isolation. Your allowing yourself to get the help you deserve and along the way your ridding stigma one story at a time.

Mental illness should be treated with as much compassion and genuine desire to help as physical illness, yet this is not always the case. So here I am and here is where my blog was born because its not mind over matter – your mind does matter! I’m no expert but I am going to do my best to talk about my thoughts and struggles and show everyone that suffers with mental illness that they should not be ashamed, that it’s okay to talk!