Hello and welcome to my page!


My name is Andrea, a 23 year old woman from Blackpool with lived experience of mental illness.

I know I’ve jumped in the deep end there, I mean there’s more to me than my illness, I’m a huge Robbie Williams fan, he once pulled me onstage in Manchester and kissed me.. on the mouth. I have a loving family and boyfriend, I love singing musicals and I’m really good at catchprase – I mean really good!!

Now you’ve learnt a few facts here’s why I’m here. After hiding my illness all my life, I made the decision to be open about my diagnoses of depression, anxiety and distress intolerance. Although I was diagnosed as a child it was only about 12 months ago I opened up about my illness and my life seriously changed – for the better.

I am now a Time to Change champion, campaigning to rid the stigma attached to mental health and to show that it is okay to talk! I hope that by openly discussing the everyday aspects of mental health we can change attitudes.


Thank you for reading and feel free to contact me via my contact page with any enquires.

Andrea x        14370422_10154490861919641_1435934545800521537_n