Mental Health services, whats next?

I never intended to write about mental health services, my intention was to write motivational and light pieces to inspire those suffering with ill mental health to keep fighting. Then again I never intended to finish the gigantic portion of Jam Roly Poly that I just finished so I suppose life can often take unexpected turns. Here I am, about to write a piece on the lack of funding in services because I am utterly bewildered.


So let me say one thing, I’m not pretending to be a political or medical expert, I am simply expressing a frustration after being in the mental health services for a large majority of my life. Now the news today spoke of our favourite Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt (sense the sarcasm) and his complete disregard for the mental health services, its that bad that previous health secretaries have voiced their concerns they feel that we may not be able to recover the damages done to MH services.


Now again, I’m not a politician and I’m sure Mr Hunts job is very difficult, I’m not even skilled enough to poach an egg and cook the toast at the same time, never mind run the NHS but then again I didn’t accept that job – he did. The news stated we need at least 105 billion pounds annually to boost mental health services to an acceptable level and they also explained that 75% of children who try to access mental health services will not get the help they need because the funding and therefore services are not there.


Yes, you heard correctly. 75% of children wont get the help they need. That’s totally unacceptable and it is clear that Mr Hunt is not treating the needs of physical and mental health with the same level of severity. It is clear that action is needed because nobody should go without the support they need whilst suffering any illness and I’m sure there would be huge uproar if children were turned away from hospital if there physical health was at a critical level.


I have been in both CAMHS and adult services and although my experiences were varied, the waiting lists were unbearably long and I often felt extremely frightened and alone, at least there was some level of care. I hope things can improve and somehow Jeremy Hunt finds a way to turn around this awful mess, until then anybody suffering please don’t do so in silence. There are plenty of helplines out there of which I’ve linked CLICK HERE


In better news Buckingham Palace are to get a £370 Million referbrishment for ‘essential’ maintenance. Sorry kids you can’t get access to the #mentalhealthservices you are in desperate need of, but great news, the palace has new wallpaper and new wiring.


There are no words. 


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