Why do we blog? #openaboutMH

Hey guys,


I love a Sunday night, relaxing and reflecting on the week that has past. I always find a Sunday a great opportunity to practise mindfulness and attempt to be kind to myself.


So tonight I’ve been thinking about why I blog? The answer is simple to rid stigma attached to mental health and on a more personal level – to defy my mental illness and those who have treated me negatively because of it.


I won’t accept my mental illness will dictate every aspect of my life and I will not accept that I am weak because of it, despite what people may say, because I am not weak. I will not always be in control of my mental health and so while I’m in recovery I’m issuing the time to try to speak openly and honestly about mental illness.

I am blogging to ensure mental health becomes an accepted part of everyday conversation because I can’t think of one reason why it shouldn’t and so please let me know why you blog or why you read others blogs! I am SO interested to hear if you agree and to hear other reasons so please; 


Comment on on this post or head to twitter with the hashtag #openaboutMH and tell me why you tell your story, my twitter handle is @andjjxx 


I can’t wait to hear 




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