You can hand out mental illness right?!

Apologies for the disappearing act.

I know its been a few weeks since my last post and all being well that wont happen again I’ve just had a lot on. This time of year is always difficult for me, not because I’m a Scrooge or a Grinch, I don’t hate Halloween, cosy nights or Christmas I just find these months difficult. I can’t tell you why. I don’t know if it’s the build up to new year, a reflection on the months past. I don’t know if its the darker nights or colder mornings all I know is my anxiety increases and I try to set a routine to avoid any escalation.

Anyway I’m feeling better now(hooray) and I am going to try to set up regular posts, have a routine and as usual write from the heart. Today I wanted to speak about myself and my recent experiences and to convey the message that you should never let anybody make you feel weak, worthless or guilty about any struggles you may have with your mental health.

So last week I received a tweet off some random man stating that I ‘should be ashamed of myself for promoting  and encouraging mental illness’  Yep.


Try to let that sink in and I’ll try to hide my laughter. I should be ashamed for ‘promoting’ mental illness as though I’m handing illnesses out like sweets to trick or treaters. Lady reading this on the mac book you can have OCD. Sir, reading this on his Samsung I think you should have depression and I’ll keep all the anxiety for myself. Now reading this that sounds ridiculous but it proves a point that some people just don’t understand the concept of mental illness, you don’t choose to have it. You don’t choose when or how it affects you and it isn’t contagious. Reading this im sure the majority of people wont agree with what this man has said to me, and from the bottom of my heart it hasn’t upset but it has given me opportunity to make a point.

Whilst most people would not agree with that man, he obviously felt the need to type his  opinion and for whatever reason doesn’t understand how difficult and debilitating having a mental illness can be. We do, and so if anybody ever tries to belittle you or your illness then remember – it’s just one opinion. Negative opinions do not define you and only you know the struggles youve faced. be kind to yourself and keep fighting. I dont know everything believe me if I did I wouldn’t of gone quiet for a few weeks but what I do know is Im not ashamed to promote being proud of yourself for battling a mental illnessbecause that shows strength.


I’ts not mind over matter – your mind DOES matter.  It’s okay to talk

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